Best Practices for Exporting Construction Materials to the Caribbean

Construction projects in the Bahamas and other Caribbean island nations can present unique challenges. Once you jump the legal hurdles, securing materials can be another challenge. Selecting the right suppliers is an important part of the process. You want a team that understands both the needs of the project and the complexity involved in exporting construction materials. Finding a good company that supplies quality materials in a timely manner is invaluable. When evaluating potential suppliers, here are some good questions to ask.

Do you keep your materials in stock?

While you do have some leeway with shoring and scaffolding materials, time is still a factor. Plans can be reviewed as soon as they are ‘finalized’ and orders can be placed early, but that’s not always the case.  Some suppliers order their materials when you order. This means you have an extra delay, the time it takes them to receive the supplies, in addition to the time it takes them to ship to you. Always try to find a vendor that keeps a respectable amount of material in stock.

How many containers will my order require?

Chances are you won’t get an immediate answer to this question, and that’s expected, but listen to the response to see if they know what they’re talking about. Packing materials for an overseas voyage is a special skill. Keeping the materials protected is important, but just like your suitcase on vacation, space and weight are also issues. A well-versed packing team knows how to pack the materials to maximize space while keeping the materials from incurring damage. Evaluating their response should help you gauge their skill level in the area.

Do you know the local Freight Forwarders?

If they are located in a port city, and familiar with overseas shipping, they should have knowledge of the local freight forwarding companies.  Do they have forwarders they recommend? Do they work with an exclusive list that has been tried and true? Are they willing to use your preferred freight forwarding company? Having answers to these questions upfront will help you make your decision.

Where are you located?

What’s the old real adage, it’s all about location, location, location! While businesses that are not located in port cities can still capably ship your materials, just like the inventory, it adds another delay to the process. Finding a reliable company, within a port city is your best option.  If that port city happens to be one of the largest ports for exporting to the Bahamas and the Caribbean, even better.

How ABLE Handles Exporting Construction Materials

At ABLE, we’re built for servicing the islands. We’re located in Miami, a port familiar with exporting to the Caribbean, considering almost half of the exports coming through the port head to Latin America and the Caribbean. We keep quality products in stock. We have long-standing relationships with our preferred freight forwarding companies and have highly honed packing skills. So now it’s all about the quality of our product and the value of our customer service. Call us today to learn more about those areas.