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PHONE: 305-592-5940 or Toll Free: 1-800-831-4564

We offer a wide variety of scaffold frames and panels that are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our scaffold frames have a high visibility yellow powder-coated finish which makes them easy to clean and identify and reduces workplace injuries. We consider our product a safety and access product that allows your team to complete their projects fast and safely. We stock many standard sizes including widths from 36” to 60” and heights from 1’ to 6’4”. We have both walkthrough types and ladder frame types. Whether your project is masonry, painting, stucco, electrical, or marine, we have the right mix of products to help you complete your projects on time and under budget. In addition, we custom manufacture frames for many clients who want a specific, non-standard frame size, just reach out and we’ll get your needs met.

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