Welcome Gus! A New Perspective and New Focus on Customer Service

Able Scaffold is pleased to announce the addition of Gustavo Longo to the team in Miami. Gus will serve as the Sales and Operations Manager, handling oversight of the yard and managing the sales team.

Get to Know Gus

Gustavo Longo, better known as Gus, has spent 21 years doing everything he can in the flooring industry. An Italian-Argentine born in Argentina and raised in Florida, he brings with him a working knowledge of everything from scheduling, sales, and follow-up to inventory and staff management.

Always looking for a new challenge, Gus has embraced the unique chaos of the construction industry.

“I love the rush. I love when it gets busy. I love being able to help people and answer their questions about products or situations that they’re facing. And I love to be able to say with confidence that you can do this or you can do this and find solutions for them.”

Since his experience has not been in scaffolding, Gus took no time to get up to speed. One afternoon, he assembled the yard team, broke open a few sets of scaffolding, and got building. No better experience than on-the-job training.

Before long he was quizzing the staff on best practices and imparting wisdom, which has been a recurring experience in his career. He has high expectations of his staff. Keeping them up to speed and giving them the opportunity to learn and develop is high on his priority list.

Gus Brings a Renewed Focus on Customer Service

While Able has always had a customer-centric mentality, Gus brings fresh insight to daily operations. Everyone from the sales staff to customer service to the team working in the yard needs to focus on making customers happy.

“Customer service is always key. That’s what I really care about. My focus is always going to be the customer because the customer keeps us running. If we don’t have customer service, we’ll start fading away.”

Even the crew in the yard, the team tasked with assembling and double-checking orders, have a significant role to play in Gus’ plans. He believes the team knows better than anyone what needs to go in an order. If something is missing, something is wrong, or the quantities are messed up, there is now the expectation and acceptance of communication. Gus put it best:

“Sometimes, you’re the last company representative the client sees. Be a good salesman, answer the questions, take the time.”

Meet Gus During Customer Appreciation Week

Next week, November 20-22 is Customer Appreciation Week at Able’s Miami location. Come meet Gus, and help yourself to some coffee and breakfast or lunch on Wednesday! If you can’t come out to meet him, he’d love to get an email from you (if you haven’t gotten one from him already).