Welcome to the Team: Michelle Diaz

Able Scaffolding would like to welcome Michelle Diaz to the Able Family. Michelle is Able’s new business development manager. Her role will focus on continuing to make clients happy, increasing reach, and finding new avenues. No small feat for a company with a 50+ year history.

Building up to Able

Michelle was born and raised in California, before moving to Chile at 14. There Michelle studied Industrial Design. Five years ago she relocated to South Florida, where she has been making moves in the business development and construction industries since.

While construction may be a major aspect of Michelle’s life, it’s not the only one. Meditation is a significant focus of her life and it does help her with her business development skills. “Studying meditation for 21 years has given me intuitive skills that I can use to connect business opportunities with business needs. I hope to apply this to my work at Able, making connections beneficial for Able and our clients,” says Michelle.

Michelle Diaz at the SAIA’s Convention and Expo in Boston

Michelle’s Role at Able Today

As Able Scaffold’s Business Development Manager, Michelle can apply her honed skills in branding, office design, internal communication, logistics improvement, and sales training to the benefit of the company and clients. She has already shown herself to be an asset to the team. Her outgoing attitude, creative input, and fresh ideas will help Able continue to grow and serve clients efficiently

Michelle is excited about her upcoming opportunities, “What I love about this role is that I approach GROWTH as a whole. Maintaining Able’s customer-focused reputation while expanding our reach to new markets and new customers is a very delicate merge that I look forward to building on.”

Welcome to the team Michelle!

If you’d like to connect with her directly you can always email her.